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2.4m 100mm x 200mm Brown Softwood Sleepers

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Softwood Sleepers are used most often to form planters — acting as an edging and are ideal for retaining walls.

These Softwood Sleepers are sustainably sourced and treated with a brown pressure treatment (Tanatone brown). Their durability means they will last many years, and an average of 20-30 years if they are maintained correctly.

Maintenance includes applying a wood preservative to your sleeper before installation if you are going to paint it, and thereafter 2 or 3 times a year (whether it’s painted or not). Additionally, make sure you apply an even thicker coat of wood preservative to any sawn ends.

Make sure you lay them on a surface that is level and firm. Concrete is best for this, but you can also use gravel, hardcore, sand or even soil, as long it’s solid, you’re good to go!

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